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Leki – Lhasa FX TA 100-120 (White/Light Grey)

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Leki – Lhasa FX TA 100-120 (White/Light Grey)
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UPC: 4028173358304
Brand: Leki

Discover where high-tech meets exceptional value with our LHASA FX TA, now available in a unique two-piece foldable version. This lightweight and durable pole is constructed from HTS 6.0 Aluminum, and comes with the PAS V1 grip, providing optimal all-day comfort for your trail outings. The PAS V1 grip provides wrist support and accurate pole placement, ultimately enhancing your outdoor adventure. Thanks to the durable Speed Lock Plus lever system, this foldable trekking pole is infinitely adjustable between 100-120 cm. When not in use, it conveniently folds into two sections, allowing for easy storage in your backpack or checked bag for your next hiking trip. The LHASA FX TA will propel you on your next adventure without putting a big dent in your wallet.