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TAHE – Bilbao

A Best-Selling Solo Sit-On-Top Kayak for near shore adventures
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TAHE – Bilbao
Product Details
Brand: Tahe
Style: Sit On Recreational
Paddlers: 1 Adult + 1 Child
Material: TST Thermoform
Total Weight Capacity: 265lbs
Weight: 46lbs
Length: 9’10
Width: 31″

The TAHE Bilbao is a versatile single person kayak that suits beginner and experienced kayakers alike. Whether you’re paddling for sport, exploring, diving or having a quick paddle with the kids, the quality of its design makes all activities possible with comfort and ease. The fluid hull shape provides a nice smooth ride, while the deck shape and accessories allow you to bring along gear with optimum stability and security. Its size and reduced weight make it easy to stow and transport.